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Advano and Argonne National Laboratory awarded $180,000 U.S. Department of Energy grant for better battery technology

Advano partners with Argonne National Lab with a $180,000 grant from the Energy Department for better lithium-ion batteries

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New Orleans, LA - Advano was awarded a $180,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Energy through the Small Business Voucher (SBV) pilot to collaborate with Argonne National Lab and scale Advano's proprietary functional silicon nanoparticle manufacturing process. These materials are used in the growing demand of lithium-ion batteries. By partnering with ANL, this project seeks to lower the cost of silicon nanoparticles which will dramatically increase the specific energy of lithium-ion batteries. This has the potential to uniquely impact the lithium-ion battery industry.

Small businesses are the engine of the American economy, and those working on advanced energy technologies play an important role in ensuring our nation’s energy security and independence. However, for innovative small businesses to succeed in launching new commercial energy products, they often need access to technical
facilities and outside expertise to test, develop, and validate their innovative technologies. Our DOE national labs have those capabilities, but accessing the labs is a challenge most small businesses can’t overcome.

SBV opens DOE national labs to qualified advanced energy small businesses, making the contracting process simple, lab practices transparent, and access to the labs’ unique facilities practical. This access to our national labs gives U.S. clean energy small businesses a strong competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

SBV is an example of how DOE’s innovative public-private collaborations are ensuring our investment in DOE national labs are maintaining and strengthening American competitiveness long-term. It is a best-in-class model for effective technology transfer and market readiness activities within DOE and the U.S. government. Vouchers awarded through SBV range in value between $50,000 and $300,000 per company.

About Advano
Advano is an advanced material spin-out of Tulane University focused on using cost-effective manufacturing of 3D-nanocomposites to accelerate the electric revolution. Our goal is to dramatically enhance the energy density of batteries using novel silicon-based materials to enable the mass adoption of electric vehicles, miniaturized electronics, and practical clean energy.

About the Small Business Vouchers Pilot
The U.S. Department of Energy Small Business Vouchers Pilot is a collaborative, national effort that provides funding for U.S. companies to work with National Laboratories. Vouchers range from $50-$300K and focus on nine clean energy technologies. The SBV Pilot is an initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy, DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, and participating DOE national labs.

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