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Advano Series AA Financing

Advano has closed its first round of venture financing to commercialize patented silicon nanoparticle manufacturing technology

Advano recently closed its first round of venture financing of $150,000 from angel investors located in New Orleans, LA, Austin, TX and Santa Barbara, CA. The company is currently commercializing a patented nanoparticle manufacturing process developed at Tulane University that will revolutionize the advanced material space. The company's initial target is the lithium-ion battery market where silicon nanoparticles are known to increase the energy density of lithium-ion battery anodes up to 10X. However, these materials are very expensive, cumbersome to manufacture, and must be uniquely customized in order to enhance their longevity in the battery, which is susceptible after hundreds of charge/discharge cycles. Advano's break-through process will accelerate the adoption of these drop-in additives to lithium-ion batteries by reducing their cost to $20/kilogram (typically $1,000s per kilogram) and making them available at an industrial scale in a rapid, efficient and environmentally friendly fashion.

Advano was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New Orleans. Advano is a nanoparticle manufacturing and processing company that will disrupt the way nanoparticles are currently made. Advano features an innovative 4-in-1 step nanoparticle manufacturing process that is rapid, simple, efficient and highly scalable. The functionalized nanoparticles produced by Advano's process are high quality and are produced up to 3,000x cheaper than current market price.

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